The organizers warn the participants of Bike Tour that can be a risky activity and cause injury or damage as long as the participants of the Tour do not take the necessary precautions no precautions or if participants do not obey the recommendations provided by the Tour Guide.

The undersigned declares:

1) That participation in the Bike Tour organized .————-, day in Punta del Este is voluntary.

2) The participant has been fully instructed with a set of conditions regarding how the Tour will be organized, declaring that the participation is voluntarily and that the participant has the physical and mental conditions necessary to take part in the Bike Tour.

3) The participant has been instructed about the route of the Tour as well as the geographical routes that will be taken along the Tour.

4) The participant releases the tour organizers from liability of any risk as well as any damage caused during the tour of any nature whether personal and / or property, which can occur to his person or property or to third parties or property of others because of their participation in the tour, either during and / or as a consequence of it.

5) Bike Tour participants agree to the release of photos on flyers, brochures and promotional internet media and advertising of their image.

6) After reading the above disclaimer and involvement risky agreement I fully understand all its terms and declare that Bike Tour organizers have no responsibility of above.

7) If by any chance there is an accident while riding the bike and the bicycle is damaged due to my negligence, I assume the responsibility of the cost of the damage which will be calculated on site. Maximum responsibility price for total loss of the bicycle is U$S 500.